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Scary stuff

Over 90% of households in the UK receive their domestic broadband service via one of the “Big Four” ISPs. Each supplies customers with a set of family filters to restrict access to content considered unsuitable for children. These filters are … Continue reading

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We need to keep up with the times

A while ago I had my DNA analysed by a well known family history company. I did it partly out of curiosity and partly because I have been doing quite a lot of research into, er, my family’s history. I … Continue reading

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Article 29, WHOIS and ICANN

In less than ten days time, on 25th May, the GDPR becomes law in every EU jurisdiction.  Officially, the GDPR began its journey towards this state of grace in 2012,  when the European Commission published its draft proposal, although to … Continue reading

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Article 29 and children

In the UK our Data Protection Authority (DPA) – the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – has shown a real and sustained interest in how the new data privacy regime – the GDPR -is likely to impact children.  ICO officials attended … Continue reading

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“Things” are hotting up

The 14th May edition of New Scientist carried an interesting article called The internet of unprotected things. It’s an interview with John Matherly, the man who invented Shodan, a highly specialised search engine. Shodan enables users to identify devices that are connected … Continue reading

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We need the conversation to begin soon

The GDPR passed its final, formal hurdle earlier this week. It went through un-amended and will become law in mid 2018.  There were only a handful of votes against  it, one of those being registered by Anna-Maria Corazza-Bildt who said  …..we missed … Continue reading

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A new take on privacy and consent

Simon Davies is one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of online privacy. He thinks we are in the middle of a huge crisis – one that should concern us all. The titles of two of his recent … Continue reading

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