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Once more unto the breach

The dust has settled on the European elections. The President of the Commission has been appointed, congratulations to Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen. However, we don’t know who the individual Commissioners will be, much less how the portfolios will be … Continue reading

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Facebook, Google and data about porn

Facebook and Google have very strict rules about porn. Essentially it is banned from both platforms. Here is what Google says Sexually Explicit Material “Do not distribute sexually explicit or pornographic material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites”. … Continue reading

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Alarming noises fom Google

My clever radio alarm clock normally wakes me me up by blasting out the BBC’s “Today” programme. This is the UK’s  prime, agenda-setting current affairs programme. Pretty much the whole of our political class tunes in. And me. Four days … Continue reading

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A few choice quotes

The Sunday Times is behind a pay wall so many of you might miss an article with  some great quotes from Tristan Harris of the Center for Humane Technology, ex of Google. As a service to my readers, here are … Continue reading

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The only show in town

Recently I took part in a couple of events attended by high level professional child welfare and child development experts from across Europe, EU and non-EU. A great crowd. I thought I spotted someone at the second event whom I … Continue reading

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Scary stuff

Over 90% of households in the UK receive their domestic broadband service via one of the “Big Four” ISPs. Each supplies customers with a set of family filters to restrict access to content considered unsuitable for children. These filters are … Continue reading

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A bulletin from California

The UK’s Secretary of State responsible for internet policy, Jeremy Wright MP, is in California this week meeting various high tech companies ahead of a soon-to-be-released White Paper which will shape Britain’s future policy on a range of internet harms … Continue reading

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