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I am not going to say “I told you so”

I generally find it extremely irritating when people turn to me and, usually with a smug look, say “I told you so,” so that won’t happen here. With little additional comment I will merely draw your attention to a report … Continue reading

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In Parliament

On Wednesday in a “Westminster Hall “debate MPs discussed the seemingly ever-upcoming Online Harms Bill. The fact that this debate happened at all was down to the energetic engagement of Holly Lynch the Member of Parliament for Halifax, West Yorkshire. … Continue reading

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Beware the harmful algorithm

These past few days British media outlets have been full of stories about the scandalous way 17 and 18 year olds have been dealt with following the cancellation of ‘A’ Level exams because of the virus.  At the root of … Continue reading

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The EU’s strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse

I said in an earlier blog I would write more fully about the announcement last week of the European Commission’ s new strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse. I wrote that when I had only skimmed … Continue reading

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UK Government in court over age verification

The Government is in court tomorrow over its failure to implement age verification for pornography sites. Fingers crossed.

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Are you beyond being shocked?

Do you think you are beyond being shocked? I thought I was too, but I’ve just been reading about the “Kentler Project” . For 30 years the authorities in West Berlin intentionally placed homeless children in the care of known … Continue reading

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Business goes where Governments fear to tread

It’s a funny old world. Governments bang on about the unacceptable nature of some of the stuff that regularly appears on social media. They call on the platforms to do something about it and, immediately, a whole army of predictable … Continue reading

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A child’s legal right to porn? I don’t think so.

Pornhub is not an aid, comforter or reliable source of advice, guidance, support or information for children who are anxious or inquisitive about sex, their own sexuality, or relationships. Neither is any other porn site I know about. The fact … Continue reading

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Anonymity and privacy in the time of encryption

“What’s in a name?” is a recent publication from Demos (full disclosure: many moons ago I was a founding trustee of Demos but I haven’t had much contact with them of late). The Demos authors did a great job describing … Continue reading

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A look inside the Internet Watch Foundation

You might be interested in this chilling but extremely well-produced and informative insight into the workings of a hotline, in this case the Internet Watch Foundation: “Pixels from a Crime Scene”.

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