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Facebook moving in the right direction

That is not a headline I thought I would write any time soon. However, I have to say I applaud Facebook’s announcement earlier this week concerning the company’s plans to address the standards they will adopt in relation to content … Continue reading

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Trying to hang on to a failed past

Remember when Facebook point blank refused to tell the UK Government anything meaningful about a range of issues connected with children’s use of their platform? We have just had an even bigger example of very similar behaviour, involving at least … Continue reading

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Once more unto the breach

The dust has settled on the European elections. The President of the Commission has been appointed, congratulations to Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen. However, we don’t know who the individual Commissioners will be, much less how the portfolios will be … Continue reading

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Something to think about

All of the early thinking about the internet – thinking which determined how it was set up at a fairly fundamental level – was framed by a belief that overwhelmingly the future users would be highly educated, therefore literate and … Continue reading

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Predatory paedophile behaviour – a supplementary

Within one hour of my last blog going up – addresssing the emergence of “DDLG” as a threat to children’s well-being, someone sent me a link to the case of Dominic Nielen-Groen, a 39 year old divorced father of two. … Continue reading

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Facebook, Google and data about porn

Facebook and Google have very strict rules about porn. Essentially it is banned from both platforms. Here is what Google says Sexually Explicit Material “Do not distribute sexually explicit or pornographic material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites”. … Continue reading

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More detail on that FTC decision on Facebook

When the UK Government published its White Paper on Online Harms one of the provisions which caused hearts to start beating faster, either from anxiety or joy depending on where you stood, was the possibility of Directors of internet companies … Continue reading

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