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The scandal that keeps on harming kids

Behind the reflecting glass windows of a modern office block at 12025 Waterfront Drive, Los Angeles, are the people who have the power to end one of the great scandals of modern technology. The question is: why are they not … Continue reading

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Enfeebled enforcers

In yesterday’s “Observer” the ever-excellent John Naughton drew attention to a survey carried out by a new kid on the block, a company called “Brave”.  And they obviously are because Brave is trying to get going in the web browser … Continue reading

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Another advertising scandal

Apologies for the fact I missed this at the time it hit the regular news cycle but when I read  about it yesterday I felt I still had to write something. Regular readers will know my blogs are occasionally partly … Continue reading

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A chance to amend the GDPR?

The European Union is currently reviewing aspects of the operation of the GDPR. The consultation closes tomorrow so if you want to stick something in you better move fast. Below is a submission I just made on behalf of various … Continue reading

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A look inside the Internet Watch Foundation

You might be interested in this chilling but extremely well-produced and informative insight into the workings of a hotline, in this case the Internet Watch Foundation: “Pixels from a Crime Scene”.

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More bad news about children and the lockdown

In England the Department for Education(DfE) has lead responsibility for child protection. In 2019 the total school population for England was 8.7 million pupils. A shocking story broke today on the BBC and  in The Guardian about what is happening to some of England’s … Continue reading

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When the schools go back

A distinguished Prussian General, Helmuth von Moltke, famously said “no battle plan survives actual contact with the enemy”. The truth of that is all too apparent in the way a great many Governments around the world, not least the British … Continue reading

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Big numbers again and countries named

Under US Federal law every electronic service provider (esp) within the US jurisdiction is required to report all child sex abuse material (csam) found on their virtual properties.  They must report to NCMEC, the US hotline, in a form described here. … Continue reading

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After the war is over

It is impossible for anyone to say with any level of certainty what the post-pandemic world will look like. Some pundits believe everything will be completely different. Rather more seem to be saying nothing much will change or things could … Continue reading

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Meet the “cappers” or, rather, don’t

“Cappers” is a term that has been around for a while.  Click here  for a great explanation from Signy Arnason, Associate Director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. “Capping” is about tricking children into doing something inappropriate, for example … Continue reading

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