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Little kids. Big bucks.

In 2006 children and young people in the UK up to the age of 19 spent £12 billion out of their own pocket money or earnings derived from part-time jobs. If you add the amounts spent by parents, over which … Continue reading

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Location, location, location

  The development of mobile phones and other portable internet enabled devices has encouraged the emergence of technologies which now make it possible for any internet or mobile phone user’s whereabouts to be tracked. A growing array of applications can … Continue reading

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The perils of plastic

There has been a huge expansion in the availability of so-called “stored value” cards. They are more commonly known as “prepaid credit cards” because the most famous of them sport the logos of Visa and Mastercard. “Gift cards” are a … Continue reading

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Stronger online authentication and age verification is on its way

Historians will no doubt quibble about when, exactly, Internet 1.0 started to die and glimpses of  Internet 2.0 first became evident. I think President Obama’s incumbency will certainly be seen as a key staging post. The enormity of the Obama Administration’s ambition is … Continue reading

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