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Default or not default? That is the question.

  People’s attitudes towards legal pornography are influenced by a complex array of factors. Some might have strong religious beliefs. Alternatively if they have no religious beliefs, or no relevant ones, they might nonetheless hold very firm views on the … Continue reading

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Civil liberties group claims victory

 A very successful lobbying campaign was mounted by the European Digital Rights group (EDRI). Earlier this week in the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament the MEPs who supported the line they were pushing defeated a proposal by the European Commission and … Continue reading

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Campaign bulletin: child pornography on the internet – bad reasons and non-reasons for opposing blocking

  A draft Directive on combating the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography is making its way through the decision making processes of the European Union. The draft started off as a proposal from the Commission, the EU’s executive arm. For the proposal to become an … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley has relocated to the Planet Earth

The internet took off in the mass market with astonishing speed, particularly after the invention of web browsers in the early 1990s. Web browsers did for the internet what Windows did for PCs. Ordinary mortals who did not have a … Continue reading

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Make a smart career move – become a judge

Around the world we now have over 30 internet hotlines, organized under the umbrella of INHOPE. I have the honour to be a member of INHOPE’s Advisory Council and for seven years I was also a Policy Board Member or … Continue reading

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