Serious money

Interesting story today. Seems the  UK gambling industry is willing to pay a levy which would generate £100 million pounds to tackle problem gambling. At the moment they contribute 0.1% of their profits (not turnover) to this kind of work. That generates £10 million. Over the next 5 years they will up it to 1%. That’s what delivers £100 million. The Regulator only asked for £70 millions so they were outflanked, but in a good way.

It seems not every gambling company is offering to pay into the levy but those that are believe it is essential in order for the industry as a whole to improve its image after
some terrible stories appeared about their failures to address problem gambling.

Is this ringing any bells?

An idea is most definitely beginning to form in my mind. No prizes for anyone who guesses where I am going with it.

I am reminded of “Audacious Projects” where the fund was US$280 millions. I am not sure how much of this went to Thorn but I believe it was a very large lump.

Children’s groups are so used to hustling for nickles and dimes we settle and are grateful for ridiculously small grants which, inevitably, means we are always scrabbling around working with small scale projects.

Time to lift our eyes and be a whole lot bolder?