This blog is about the way new technologies are changing how we live.

I am writing for people with an interest in public policy and in particular the thinking which underpins policy. It is not just for geeks.

The emphasis will be on safety and security issues.

There are bear traps on the internet waiting for everyone. However, I will often refer to the special responsibility we all have towards younger users.

We will occasionally wander in and around some of cyberspace’s more shady places. Nonetheless I hope my enthusiasm for the internet and those clever gadgets that can connect to it will always shine through.

There will probably be a strong UK-centric aspect because that’s where I am  based. Yet I travel a lot and it will anyway frequently make little sense to take a solely UK focus.

Many of the hot issues on the internet truly are global in character consequently there will be numerous references to what is happening elsewhere, particularly within the EU.

The EU has the size and the economic clout to command attention in any and every important market. Of late it has also shown more than a little determination to exert itself in them.

I also promise to avoid technical jargon wherever possible. I am trying to develop a conversational style in the hope my offerings will be an easy read that people will feel inclined and able to complete.

After I have posted an article, if I spot any grammatical, typographical or stylistic howlers  I will go back in and alter the text. I will not alter the fundamentals of any argument I have presented. If I change my mind about something I will blush then write a new blog about it. And own up.

If you want to know any more about me see http://johncarrcv.blogspot.com

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