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Meet the “cappers” or, rather, don’t

“Cappers” is a term that has been around for a while.  Click here  for a great explanation from Signy Arnason, Associate Director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. “Capping” is about tricking children into doing something inappropriate, for example … Continue reading

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Sad, but unfortunately not surprising

Free speech and civil liberties organizations do a hugely important job scrutinizing the activities of state agencies. However, you are forced to wonder if, sometimes, they don’t completely lose touch with common humanity. The Electronic Frontier Foundation  (EFF)has just served … Continue reading

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No room for complacency

My last blog was fairly upbeat about the UK Government’s interim response to the consultation on Online Harms. True the response was light on concrete proposals but much of the language was excellent. The overall tone was tough and purposeful. … Continue reading

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A letter from the Government

Here is a link to a reply from the Government on the question of age verification for pornography sites. No surprises but, equally, confirmation that age verification  remains as part of the plan.

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With steam coming out of my ears

Today was a terrible day for children in the UK and the Government is 100% to blame. However, because of the drama and uproar over Brexit what the Government has done may struggle to get adequate attention in the media … Continue reading

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Predatory paedophile behaviour – a supplementary

Within one hour of my last blog going up – addresssing the emergence of “DDLG” as a threat to children’s well-being, someone sent me a link to the case of Dominic Nielen-Groen, a 39 year old divorced father of two. … Continue reading

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The new currency of predatory paedophiles

Not quite every day, but almost, I thank my lucky stars I don’t have to look at csam or any other form of illegal content. The people who do so in the name of protecting children or others are among … Continue reading

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Facebook, Google and data about porn

Facebook and Google have very strict rules about porn. Essentially it is banned from both platforms. Here is what Google says Sexually Explicit Material “Do not distribute sexually explicit or pornographic material. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites”. … Continue reading

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Alarming noises fom Google

My clever radio alarm clock normally wakes me me up by blasting out the BBC’s “Today” programme. This is the UK’s  prime, agenda-setting current affairs programme. Pretty much the whole of our political class tunes in. And me. Four days … Continue reading

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About encryption

Not long ago Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook was going to “pivot to privacy”.  Apparently the company will apply this idea to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram (but not the Facebook platform itself). This announcement caused all kinds of fluttering in the dovecotes. … Continue reading

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