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Online Harms White Paper – the obvious problem

Some time ago I read a discussion of strategies online businesses might adopt to try to avoid the clutches of potential or actual Regulators. Without embarrassment or apology it was suggested companies deliberately bundle and entangle lots of things.  Why? … Continue reading

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More on DNS over HTTPS

The Sunday Times today reports on the threat that DNS over HTTPS appears to pose to child protection.  

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15th July. The date when the age verification rules kick in

The Government has just announced the trigger date for the new rules concerning age verification and access to commercial pornography web sites. It is 15th July, 2019. This closes one chapter and opens another. Now the hard work begins. Will … Continue reading

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Scary stuff

Over 90% of households in the UK receive their domestic broadband service via one of the “Big Four” ISPs. Each supplies customers with a set of family filters to restrict access to content considered unsuitable for children. These filters are … Continue reading

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More about the power of PhotoDNA and similar tools

Twitter report that in the first 6 months of 2018 they suspended nearly half a million accounts for violations relating to child sexual exploitation. 97% of those accounts were proactively flagged using PhotoDNA and similar tools. In Dublin on Friday … Continue reading

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Facebook and the power of technology to do good

If you read the blog I posted yesterday you will see that the European Union is discussing how to make it harder for companies to engage proactively in removing child sex abuse materials from their platforms. Today Facebook shows us … Continue reading

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They both got it wrong

Post-GDPR the principal focus of recent discussions between ICANN and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has been on how entities that previously had access to WHOIS, and used it a lot, will be able to do so in the … Continue reading

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The starter’s gun has been raised!

Yesterday in Parliament the British Government tabled the last pieces of the legal jigsaw that had to be assembled  to allow the British Board of Film Classification to begin their work of requiring commercial pornography sites to operate robust age … Continue reading

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We need to keep up with the times

A while ago I had my DNA analysed by a well known family history company. I did it partly out of curiosity and partly because I have been doing quite a lot of research into, er, my family’s history. I … Continue reading

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Children’s privacy moves forward in the UK

The UK Parliament adopted the GDPR pretty much as it came out of the EU’s law-making machine. Under Article 8 we agreed 13 as the age at which a child could be considered competent to give consent to their data … Continue reading

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